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Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson is a successful professional in the software Industry. As an executive recruiter, he is dedicated to finding and hiring some of the most unique and smartest people in the world. Stephen expertise extends largely to Fortune 100 companies. Stephen was instrumental in helping Google’s organization grow from 3.2 billion and 800 employees to 16.4 billion and 16,800 employees in 2007. When Stephen arrived at Apple 2008 the company was 32,000 employees and a revenue of 32 billion. When Stephen finished his tour with Apple the company was 93,000 employees and 170 billion in Revenue. Stephen is now at LinkedIn where he leads a team of recruiters finding Engineering leaders in Data Science and Distributed Systems.

Stephen is involved in philanthropic endeavors through his work as a member of the board of directors for "Save the Bay,” a non-profit organization founded by three women in Berkeley looking to keep San Francisco Bay clean and reduce the amount of pollution in that iconic body of water.   

Stephen has cultivated a network of trusted, lifelong friends who have supported him through thick and thin. His story, fundamentally, is about how one person, a family, or an entire community can make a remarkable and life-changing difference in a young person's life.

Photo by Sarah Morey 

Creating community and finding purpose


April 8, 2019