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Open Call for Youth/Student Speakers…..

Thank you to everyone who came out to speak today. The committee was truly and deeply impressed by each of you. You have made our decision extremely difficult. We will be inviting the speakers for this year's event within the next two weeks.

We applaud all of you. Well done. 

Speaking at TED isn’t easy. It shouldn’t be. It’s a venue for exceptional, out-of-the-box thinkers who have ideas that they can’t help but share.

Tips for a successful proposal:


  • Pitch yourself personally. TED and TEDx talks are about the idea, not the person.
  • Repeat a performance from an earlier presentation. Find a fresh idea.
  • Think you’re more important than your idea.


  • Be real and be kind. You’re really just a facilitator here, a messenger for your idea.
  • Present an idea that’s genuinely worth spreading.
  • Bring excitement and energy.
  • Focus on your idea and its applications in the lives of others.

The basic premise here is to approach your TEDx curator with an idea, a really good idea, and then sell it with all of your heart. TEDx isn’t about famous people sharing their biographies; it’s about real people making connections with other real people. It’s about sharing, collaborating and working together to open each other’s eyes.