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Kat Simmons

Kat Simmons is a 32 year veteran of the international comedy club circuit. You may have seen her at the Improvs, Comedy Store, Catch A Rising Star, Just For Laughs or on The Comedy Channel, Fox’s Comedy Tonight, or Candid Camera. She won the eWomen Network's international talent contest in Dallas in 2009.

Kat has a unique talent for combining physical comedy with real life situations that everyone can relate to. She has been favorably compared to the masters of the craft, Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett and Red Skelton. She delights in bringing to the stage the very things most people keep a secret. She speaks the truth, making it easier for the rest of us to be honest and laugh at ourselves.

Kat is also a humorous keynote speaker bringing her clean, conscious and connected style of comedy to corporate events She loves providing laughter therapy for conferences and health and wellness events.

She hosted and produced the successful decade long Comedy Nite Live series at the Carson Valley Inn in Minden, NV. Her last collaboration was serving as the comedy coordinator for The Bing Crosby Theater.

Kat has taught her stand up comedy workshops for twenty one years. She loves helping others find their voice and overcome their fear of public speaking.

She wrote her first book in 2016 titled “Kat's Daily Cups” with her daughter Emma serving as illustrator.

Create Your Life by Honoring Your Own Voice


March 29, 2019