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Maria Bravo and Johnathan Rodgers

Maria grew up in Michoacán, Mexico and moved to Carson City in 1995. A single Mom to her daughter, Arianna, Maria has had first-hand experience with the emotional and financial pressures that accompany living in poverty. In 2014, Maria chose to change the path of her life, and over the next 5 years she has achieved the self-sufficiency and stability that accompany a middle-class American lifestyle. She has decided to reach out to other people to share the lessons she learned on her journey in the hope that they too can change their lives.

Jon Rogers grew up in a small town in Connecticut and moved to Carson City in 1984. He has founded several successful manufacturing businesses over the course of a 40-year career. He is now focusing his efforts on enhancing the quality of life for all Carson City residents by volunteering for several local non-profit organizations. In 2005, Jon helped to start the Capital City Circles Initiative, which creates opportunities for working families in Carson City to move from poverty to a life of self-sufficiency. In the ensuing 14 years, Jon has learned important lessons about how best to support people who are changing the path of their lives and wishes to share those insights.

A Pathway Out Of Poverty


March 29, 2019