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Jim Brady

Jim Brady's has had a 34-year-long career with International Business Machines as Systems Engineer, Consulting Marking Representative, various executive positions managing technical strategies for the mainframe and storage divisions, member of the Board of Governors for the IBM Database Technology Institute, Members of the IBM Technology Review and System Technology Boards, IBM Fellow, IEEE Fellow, and President of the IBM Academy of Technology.

Upon retirement from IBM, Brady co-founded MatriDigm as Chairman, CEO and President. There he invented algorithms to find, fix and test Y2K problems in COBOL programs. These algorithms proved 99.996 percent accurate, with a productivity of 2 million lines of code per person month.

Brady has 42 patents issued and 27 publications in various conferences, journals, and technical bulletins. He has received extensive recognition during his IBM tenure, including 22 formal award Awards. He excels at designing complex systems.

To Be or Not To Be Hacked. That Is the Question


March 29, 2019