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Jessica and Brandon Dodge

Brandon Dodge is a freelance percussionist and educator in the Reno-Carson City area. He has played world percussion music at The Potentialist, has been a member of the Reno Pops Orchestra, and has experience with jazz and musicals. He is found playing, composing, and premiering extremely versatile work in a number of distinctive styles. He blends, morphs, and creates unique sounds for his own music.

Jess is pursuing a Master's in music performance at the University of Oregon where she holds the saxophone graduate assistantship. Jess is a classical saxophonist and has performed as a soloist in the US, Canada, and Russia. Her art focuses on performing new and avant-garde works on the classical saxophone and combining elements of classical and hip hop music to create unique sounds.

Together, this brother and sister duo builds soundscapes around existing classical works. They expand the boundaries of their art form by blending genre and stylistic elements, producing music through live looping, and creating new takes on each other's sound and art.  

Why Not? Exploring new sounds through classical traditions


March 29, 2019