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Jamie Bianchini- Live Big, Give Big: Infinite possibilities powered by compassion

Jamie Bianchini is an intercultural adventure travel expert and avid social entrepreneur best known for the creation and completion of the world’s first intercultural expedition around the world by tandem bicycle called Peace Pedalers. Jamie rode the front seat of a tandem bicycle while leaving the rear seat of the bike empty to invite total strangers to join the journey in a gesture of peace, acceptance and tolerance. The Peace Pedalers expedition traversed 81 countries with over 1,000 people accepting the Worldwide Invitation to Ride on the 8-year expedition. Along the way, Jamie was hosted and treated like family by total strangers who assisted him during the most challenging parts of the expedition including bouts with sickness, bike thefts, loneliness and more. Those acts of kindness by total strangers inspired Jamie to look for ways to give back to the communities along the road of his journey and has became the foundation of a new life philosophy he still lives by today called “Live Big, Give Big”.

Live Big, Give Big is a philosophy about balancing our goals and intentions to achieve greatness both our personal ambitions and in making impactful contributions in the lives of those in need. The Live Big, Give Big mindset allowed Jamie to not only complete a dream cycling expedition around the world but to help those in need by starting or inspiring charity projects while on his journey. This includes the Good Hope School for AIDS orphans and the need in Uganda, the Strong Roots foundation in Rwanda, delivering malaria medication to remove villages in partnership with Novartis, building a fresh water system for a community in Bolivia and more.

Since returning home from his journey Jamie married his wife Cristina, who he happened to meet as a guest rider on his tandem. They now have two children Luca and Candela. Jamie published a book A Bicycle Built for Two Billion in 2015 and did a 38-state “Family Book Tour" with his family. Jamie is now in the the process of launching his next major social venture called LuDela. LuDela is Live Big, Give Big in action, creating the world’s most innovative and socially responsible candles on the planet. The candles offer customers safer, brighter and more beautiful candle solutions while the LuDela donates a book for every product sold to illuminate the minds of millions of illiterate children around the world who don’t have access to books to learn to read. The vision of LuDela is to spark a sustainable literacy movement worldwide and bring Better Light and Better Lives worldwide.