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Deana Hoover - The Emperor's New Idea

Deana Hoover is an artist who has spent a lifetime influenced by social and conservation movements. She is inspired by classical artists, such as Caravaggio, as well as by the more modern works of Claude Monet, Harley Brown, and Frida Kahlo. Along with these inspirations, Deana’s own love of nature and animals helps to mold her focus and style. Her education over the years has been eclectic. While she studied formally at Western Nevada Community College, she also studied art under a private instructor, received a Master Art Certificate from ICU, taken classes and workshops by the hundreds, and still she continues to study with any program that can refine her skills or inspire her work. She works primarily in the mediums of oil paint, graphite, and ceramic sculpture. Her art combines the subjects of nature in the style of realism with subtle techniques of the abstract. One glance at a work allows a viewer to see a face, be it human or animal, or perhaps simply a lovely work of art. Without spending a moment, one might imagine that there is nothing else to be seen. But a longer look uncovers colors and patterns within the composition that can only be understood in the way an observer would interpret abstract or modern art. It is Deana’s goal to combine the beauty of realistic art with layers of subtle meaning through color and form that can allow those who linger to gather layers of meaning and insight that are unique to each individual. Deana teaches painting, sculpting, and drawing, and coaches artists in transitioning to a professional art career. Her classes are available locally through the Brewery Arts Center and Artsy Fartsy Creative Center as well as online at Her recent shows have included work in galleries in Carson City and Lake Tahoe. Her works are at Artsy Fartsy Art Gallery, at the Brewery Arts Center, online at Xanadu Art Gallery, and she is available for commissions, shows, or events along the west coast.