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Bernie Beauchamp

As a student at the Eugene O'Neill National Theater Institute Bernie was introduced to puppetry by

Rufus and Margo Rose. A year later he was hired by Nick Coppola as a touring performer with Nicolo Marionettes in New York City. Six months later the Honeymoon ended and Bernie did not touch puppets for 24 years. During this time he relocated to Reno, Nv.. married, started a family and thought about forming his own marionette company. Having met puppet builder Chris Kluge online the acquisition of puppets and development of routines began in earnest. Since then Bernie has built the first Electroluminescent Wire puppet, The first Kevlar flaming marionettes, performed at Burning Man the last 17 years and developed the fine art of roadside Guerrilla puppet performances in transit to and from the 2011 and 2013 National Festivals on the East Coast. (more details can be found at by referencing “random acts of puppetry” and “Puppets Busking America”).

Bernie subsidizes his lavish lifestyle as a starving puppeteer doing on-call gigs as a carpenter and stage technician.



April 8, 2019