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Benjamin Wade

Benjamin "Coach" Wade was a child prodigy on the trumpet and from age 8-21 years of age he never lost a single competition. From All-State first trumpet to first chair in the Southwestern United States Honors Orchestra "Coach" was able to play with some of the greatest trumpet players of the 21st century from Wynton Marsalis to Doc Severson. Wade's pinnacle of success in individual competitions cumulated in 1988 when he won the International Trumpet Guild prestigious CG Conn award for one of the best trumpet players in the world. Wade also performed from 1987-1993 with The New York Metropolitan Opera, The Indianapolis Symphony, The Knoxville Symphony and many others.

Ben Wade put aside trumpet performing for many years to focus on his collegiate soccer coaching career but then in 2003 "Coach" came back to his first love of music and started the Susanville Symphony. Since then Wade has been the Artistic Director of this orchestra, and guest conducted all over the world. He is a prolific composer, having won several awards and critical recognition for his modern compositions.

"Coach" lives in Susanville, Ca with his wife and dance studio owner Jessica Newton and their 6 year old son Avvan plays the violin. Lenna their youngest at 19 months is not far behind having begun her first pre-ballet class and grabbing her brother's violin whenever he is not looking.

The Arts: Passion, perseverance, production


April 8, 2019