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Audrey Markowitz

Audrey Markowitz has extensive experience as a public speaker and trainer in industry as well as teaching public speaking as a college professor. Among the many different workshops she developed, one focused on how to take what you do seriously, but take yourself lightly.

She did it by teaching people how to juggle!

Audrey has incorporated her experiences as a Vice-president of Human Resources and as a public speaker into her art which is on display at the Artisan Store at the Brewery Art Center (BAC) in Carson City, Nevada. One aspect of her artistic interest led her to become a Certified Zentangle® Teacher (CZT). Audrey has shared her passion for this amazing, wonderful, joyful, relaxing, magical, rewarding, and mistake-proof art form by developing 8 workshops that over 300 individuals have attended.

Audrey is thrilled to be a TEDxCarsonCity speaker and is excited about sharing her recent experience with breast cancer and how community support as well as Zentangle® has helped her cope with this traumatic experience.

Photo by Kippy Spilker

Creatively Combating Cancer: None of us is as smart as ALL of us


April 8, 2019